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7 Cool and Free Blogger Template Download Sites

If you are a beginner blogger and like cool but free blog templates, here are some reference sites that provide cool blog templates.

Blogger Template - Downloading cool blog templates is now one of the most sought after things by bloggers. They make blogs as a means of expressing their personalities. This is a natural thing for bloggers to do. On the record, they do not break the law and abide by existing rules. To make the blog look better, you can download a cool blog template. Moreover, there are now websites that provide cool blog templates and even free.

If you are a beginner blogger and like cool but free blog templates, here are some reference sites that provide cool blog templates. A number of the following blogs also offer a variety of very wah and premium templates and not so SEO Friendly. That is because the focus of the template provided is the appearance.

For that, you can choose the desired template reference on the site below. And you can also download it absolutely for free.


The first site is Btemplates.COM. This site is one of the sites that offers free blogger templates and has been around for a long time. There are thousands of collections of very diverse blogspot templates that you can download. From the ordinary to the very cool. You also do not need to spend a penny aka free.

Users are also made easier because there are a lot of blog template filters here. You can also categorize templates according to the number of columns, styles, colors, and even their position.


This site also includes sites owned by Indonesian bloggers. There are many templates with different designs here. So you can download it for your blog template. Here is an unusual template you can download for free.

Each template design has its own special features and uniqueness. After you visit this one blog, you will also find the ability of blogger script is very amazing. The template template on this blog is very suitable for those of you who like templates with a mechanical effect. For that, visit this site and prove the beauty of its template.


The Compartidismo site is a site that provides blogger templates in Latin. This Latin site belongs to Karla. There are many blog templates here that you can download for free. Choose a blog template designed by Karla herself by visiting this latin site.

However, the templates here are not as many on the Btemplates site. That's because this site is not a terminal site of design donations by many people. To choose which blog template is best, just visit this site.


The next site is Loefa-Cebook. It also includes a template provider site for the best bloggers. This time the site is owned by an Indonesian blogger named Abdil Latif. It offers a variety of blog designs that are worth considering for download.

From the beginning the template design is simple, very cool and more professional design. Although the collection is still small, but you can choose it as a reference cool template that can be downloaded for free. Visit his site now.


The next site is from From the name, it can be seen that this site belongs to one of the Indonesian bloggers who actively creates quality and very professional templates. This blog is also one of the best blogs in Indonesia. Because the artificial design is not only recognized by Indonesia. But it is also known by a wide circle and has been widely used by bloggers around the world.

Because of its cool design and can be downloaded for free, this site is the target of Indonesian bloggers to foreign countries. Download also a cool template here according to your taste. Guaranteed template designed by is good enough to have.


The next cool template provider site is Here are many templates for bloggers who have a very professional design. Here we still have a few collections but it is professional enough for you to have. Just download the professional template you like here for free.

In addition to being downloaded for free, there are also premium templates available here. For those who like free, you can choose the free one to download.


The last site is This site is a free and high quality template provider site for bloggers. Quality sites here you can use for various needs. Among the needs of photography, magazines, and simple blogs, even for those focused on SEO optimization.

That's the 7 cool blog provider sites that you can use as a means to download cool blog templates. With the choice of template, your blog will look more cool and professional. Visit and download the template for free here. Happy trying.

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