How to Secure Javascript Code

JavaScript code encryption is a technique to secure javascript code from code plagiarism.
JavaScript code encryption is a technique to secure javascript code from code plagiarism.

Blogger Template - JavaScript code encryption is a technique to secure javascript code from code plagiarism. Javascript code encryption is very necessary in the world of coding, especially for those who sell project results, such as web templates, blogger templates, and various other projects that use javascript code in their creation. JavaScript code is the core or driver of a web. Most javascript code plagiarists do not list the original source code so they claim that the code is artificial or their own. Even worse, usually a code plagiarist imitates our javascript code and changes some of the code so that it is considered the plagiarist's.

Often there are cases where the credit footer of a premium blogger template is replaced by the code plagiarist by changing the content of the original javascript code so that it is as if the template belongs to them. Just imagine, a template that was created with hard work, can finally be used for free and even worse, the template is distributed without appreciating the hard work of the template maker.

Usually unencrypted javascript code is very easy to be tampered with by the code plagiarist. Even today there are various types of website services that provide the function to open encrypted javascript code. Deobfuscator javascript or unlock javascript code is a way they often do to change the content of javascript code. They often use some Deobfuscator javascript websites.

I'm very sorry if the javascript code that we have written for days with difficulty is easily plagiarized just like that. Therefore, here I will give a few tips so that our javascript code is not easily plagiarized or in Deobfuscator easily.

How to Secure Javascript Code

So far there are sites that are pretty good in terms of javascript code encryption. One of the websites that I often use to encrypt javascript code is the site. This site is able to encrypt javascript code using various encryption techniques.

Site Encryption Javascript Code View

If we look in terms of functionality, this site has many features that are able to securely encrypt our javascript code. Even until now no one has been able to open the encryption results from this website.

Therefore, I will discuss How to Secure Javascript Code by using this website in several sections so that we understand the function of each of the features of this website.

Here are some of the features this website has:
  1. Seed
  2. Targed
  3. Sourcmaps
  4. String Array
  5. Domain Lock
  6. Compact Code
  7. Rename Global
  8. Self Defending
  9. Reserved String
  10. Identifiers Prefix
  11. Reserved Names
  12. Debug Protection
  13. Rotate String Array
  14. Dead Code Injection
  15. String Array Encoding
  16. String Array Threshold
  17. Transform Object Keys
  18. Flow Flattening Control
  19. Disable Console Output
  20. Unicode Escape Sequence
  21. Identifiers Names Generator

These are the 21 features this site has. To understand the function of the feature section, please click on the feature above. You can see the implementation of its usage here.

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