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How Website Speed ​​Affects Your Business

How does the loading speed of a website affect the business you do?

Blogger Template - How does the loading speed of a website affect the business you do? How fast can a website be considered fast? This is an interesting infographic that discusses how website access speed affects business with interesting statistics.

In the business world, the customer is king. Whoever can satisfy the king, then he will receive his reward.

Amid the booming online business today, all online shop owners are vying to be able to attract the attention of the king.

Various kinds of features were added, attractive discounts were held, to the appearance of the website was always polished so that it always looked attractive.

But one thing that online shopping site owners should keep in mind is that all of these things will be in vain if you can't present them quickly.

Imagine if you ordered food at a famous restaurant. Until the drinks run out, the main menu still hasn't come. No matter how delicious the food you eat, the slow serving will affect your assessment of the restaurant. You'll probably think twice about going back there unless you find something else elsewhere.

So far the problem is, is it worth the wait?

The same goes for online shopping sites. When you have the same content and the prices are only slightly different, the speed of access you have can be different.

So, how important is the speed of access to a website in the business world?

A good user experience gained by giving visitors quick access is one of the important factors in running an online business. Access speed is even one of the indicators that can affect SEO.

If you had to choose between fast or slow shopping sites, which would you choose?

Even if I had to survey thousands of people, I'm pretty sure most would choose to access the website faster.

If you want to know the exact number of how much influence the speed of access of a website on the online business you run, you can see the cool infographic from WPEngine below.

infographic from WPEngine below.


With so many sites circulating today, internet users are certainly confused by so much content circulating in cyberspace. It also affects the short time they can set aside to see the content that interests them.

That's why a website is expected to appear in a short time.

How fast?

Just 2-3 seconds! Even a quarter will leave a site that can't appear within four seconds.

So what is the effect on the business you run? This is what will happen every second you miss.

  • 7% decrease in conversion rate.
  • Decreased page views by 11%.
  • Decreased consumer satisfaction to 16%.

For those of you who have an online shopping site. Website access speed is an important factor that can affect the success of your business. In addition to the statistics above, the available data also states that,

  • 70% of shopping carts (orders) were cancelled before entering the payment stage, 46% of them due to slow access to the shopping site.
  • A delay of 2 seconds will increase the booking cancellation rate to 87%.
  • 46% of online shoppers will return to shopping on shopping sites that can be accessed quickly.
  • 33% of online shoppers via smartphones mention website speed as an important factor in a shopping site.

Very crucial isn't it?

And with the trend of internet usage from smartphones, the speed of a site affects many things such as the following,

  • 47% of mobile internet users expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds, although there are still 64% who expect a loading time of under 4 seconds.
  • 74% will ignore your site if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load.
  • 61% of mobile internet users will leave if they can't view your site's content right away.
  • 71% expect the same loading speed they experience on a desktop PC.

It's interesting to see the latest statistics where 71% of users expect the same access speed on whatever device they use. This is why many tutorials put forward design for mobile devices first (mobile-first).

And for those of you who use video on your site, be aware of the speed that the hosting service provider you use can offer. The statistical data above states that,

  • The stress levels increase from 19% to 34% when buffering or lag occurs.
  • Delay for 2 seconds when loading Youtube increases stress levels by 3%.
  • When the video is playing, pause while the video is playing will increase the stress level by 15%.

One solution is to use a site like Youtube or Vimeo to upload videos and use code to embed them instead of uploading them directly on your website.

And finally, maybe you noticed in our discussion above, when we talk about website speed, we only talk about the time in seconds.

At first glance, this would seem very trivial right?

But imagine if the statistics above were applied to sites that generate hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah every month. Of course, the conversion value of just 1% will be felt, especially for big players. In fact,

  • Walmart and Amazon experienced a 1% increase in conversion value for every 100 ms (millisecond) increase in access speed.
  • Yahoo was able to increase traffic by up to 9% for every 400ms time cut.
  • Google loses 20% of traffic every 100 ms time reduction.

If you look at the data above, there may be some truth in the statement every second counts.

Yes! every second is very precious.

Do you know how much 1% conversion value Amazon has?

In 2015, Amazon had revenues of up to $ 107.01 billion. This means that if the speed of access to the Amazon shopping site slows down by 0.1 seconds, they will lose $ 1.0701 billion. That's a fantastic amount, isn't it?

The speed of access to a website deserves to be a top priority in building an online business. Choosing quality web hosting and good site handling will allow you to increase the value of sales conversions.

But more than that, providing a fast website will also give visitors a good user experience so they may come back again and become your loyal customers later.

To start optimizing your site's speed,  check your website speed now and fix any issues that are hindering your site's performance.

And if you want fast hosting for your website, I recommend Godaddy which I use myself for my other website.

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