7 Types of Internet Connections That Are Often Used, Did You Know?

7 Types of Internet Connections That Are Often Used, Did You Know?

Recognize the Different Types of Internet Connections.

Blogger Template - Internet connection is one of the most important needs today. The rapid advancement of technology requires people to use the internet connection to be able to perform various activities. The types of internet connections themselves are varied, some require a cable and some do not. For more details let's see the following review.

The Importance of an Internet Connection

This digital era needs an internet connection. Many activities are now easier to do using the internet. Now almost everyone uses a smartphone where only one gadget if is connected to the internet everything can be done.

If you used to have to buy a newspaper or magazine to read the news, now you can find out the latest news only through a smartphone. Moreover, since the covid 19 pandemics, the use of smartphones and the internet is increasing.

Internet Connection Type

There are two types of internet connections that are commonly used in the community, namely the internet that must use cable and there are those without using the cable. Both certainly have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired Internet Connection

Dial-up PSTN

This is a type of internet connection that connects a PC or laptop with a telephone cable or dial-up. So there are 3 must-have devices, a PC, a modem, and a landline. Maximum speed 56Kbps.


This is an internet connection that uses a modem. On this one connection still needs a cable, because this is not a portable modem.


It is a computer network with a narrow coverage area. One computer will be the main server connected to the internet, then other computers will follow. If the connection on the main computer is disconnected, then other computers will also not be connected to the internet.

Cable TV

One of the newest internet connections that integrate the internet with TV. Can see pay-TV shows and internet service is available as well. Need to use a coaxial cable as well as use a channel separator to flow to the modem as well.

Wireless Internet Connection


Using radio waves to communicate data and voice. This connection can also transmit data and voice through mobile communication devices. Usually installed on GSM type smartphones.


This is the internet connection that is now most commonly used in addition to cable TV. This network can be used for home, office, school, and more. If the office usually uses LAN, now more people choose WiFi because it is more practical. In addition to WiFi, there is now also a MiFi that is increasingly used.

MiFi or Mini Wifi can be used for individuals but still without cable. The difference between MiFi and WiFi lies in the presence of a mini router and there is a sim card slot inside the MiFi. This sim card will later be used as a data source for MiFi. The internet network is obtained from the operator provider. Although this mini can still be used by more than one person.

Using Satellites

If for this internet connection in India, maybe not many people know and use it. This type of connection does not use cables but uses a satellite dish and access is very high. The price is very expensive so this is less popular.

Well, that's a little explanation of the type of internet connection that exists. One of the most practical ways to get an internet network is to use WiFi or have your own MiFi. Telkomsel Orbit is the right solution for high-speed and affordable modem providers. The signal is strong anywhere and can be used anytime.

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