How To Login to Blogger or Blogspot

How To Login Blogger Blogspot

Blogger Login - How to login to your Blogspot (Blogger) account The following will be an easy guide for you in managing Blogspot or blogger.

Blogger or Blogspot is a free blogging service owned by Google, so your blogger account is also integrated with other Google services such as youtube, Gmail, Google Plus, and others.

This means that by having a Google account, then the account you own can also log in to other Google services that I mentioned earlier. So how do I Sign in to my Blogger account?

How to log in to a Blogspot or Blogger account is not something new for those of you who are already in the internet world, especially blogging, but for those who are still beginners, the following blogger login tutorial can be a very helpful guide.

This tutorial is closely related to how to create a free blog with Blogger (Blogspot), which we will discuss in another article, as it is the first step when you want to create a blog.

Here's how to easily sign in to your Blogger/Blogspot account:

  1. To Sign in to your Blogger account, the first step is to go to the Blogger site. Please go to, a page will appear like the image below:

    How to Login to Blogger or Blogspot

  2. See the image above, click "Sign in". The page will appear as below:

    How to Login to Blogspot or Blogger

  3. Then type your email address there, and click "Next".  Then a page like below will come up:

    Login Blogger Blogspot

  4. See the image above, type in your password, then click "Next". Then your blogger dashboard page will appear as below:

    Login Blogspot Blogger

  5. Done. Easy isn't it, sign in to your Blogspot (Blogger) account?

The image above shows you successfully logged into your Blogger or Blogspot account. See the image above, on the left, there is a black colored underline which is the name of the blog we have created.

When we have more than one blog, then the dropdown button contains all the names of the blogs we have. While the "New Post" button is a button to create a new article.

Enough articles about How To Login to Blogger or Blogspot on this Blog, Thank you.

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