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Here are 11 Preparations to Become a Blogger!

Here are 11 preparations to become a blogger that you all must know!

Preparation to Become a Blogger. For some people, blogging is a way to make money. These people are those who already hold the title of a professional blogger. Indeed, if we measure in terms of income as bloggers, professional bloggers earn much more money than amateurs. Of course, because professionals must already know and have experience in the world of bloggers.

Well, for those of you who want to be a blogger, you can't necessarily compare yourself who has just become a blogger, with those who have been in the blogging world for many years. You still need a little time to get the "professional blogger skills". But calm down, for those of you who want to become a professional blogger, there are at least 11 preparations to become a blogger that you must know. Here are 11 preparations to become a blogger that you all must know!

1. Make Time to Get Ready to Become a Blogger

The first thing you have to do before really getting into the blogging world is time. This is an important thing that you have to prepare. The name is blogger, surely they will have a blog, right? Well, the time referred to here is one of the times to manage the blog. Managing from multiple sides, is not just a matter of making good posts, but also having time for research, interaction with other bloggers, gathering as much information as possible, blog walking, and more. This is when you already have a blog.

Do not think that when you just want to create a website or blog you do not need time. The time that you have to give in preparation for becoming a blogger is also when you will create a blog. You have to take the time to choose which blog is the best, whether blogspot or wordpress, you also have to think about which web hosting is most suitable for your blog, and so on. Then when you ask, why do people blog only for an hour but they can already generate hundreds of thousands a month? It's because of the flying hours and the experience they have and they compiled from the first second they decide to enter the world of blogging.

2. What is your Speciality?

The second preparation to become a blogger is to know what your skills are. Why? Because when you know what your skills are, then you can choose the right topic. For example, you are very good at finance, so you have to create content in that field. First, you will be more trusted by the readers, and you will be more confident in writing it without fear of miswriting or wrong content. Some new skills do have to be learned constantly. But for those of you who already have specific skills, all you have to do is create the content.

3. Choose a Topic that Interests You

The third preparation to become a blogger is to know what you are interested in and choose a topic according to what you are interested in. Don't follow a lot of people because you think it will be easier for you to earn money faster. You have to choose what you are interested in first, the goal is that all activities are fun. So you can live this blogging world happily.

4. Prepare Writing Ability

A professional blogger must have the ability to write well. Both from the point of view of grammar, storyline, to writing that is easily understood by the reader. Well, how can that ability be learned? There are many ways to learn that, ranging from learning to write little by little, and reading a lot.

5. Learn Blog Techniques

When you want to enter the world of blogging, then you must also want to learn the techniques of the blog itself. Like it or not, you have to learn that because a blog is a CMS or content management system that needs knowledge about it. At least you know the basic skills of databases, domains, scripts, plugins, and so on. Let everyone be able to maintain or take care of your website.

6. Other Knowledge About Blogging

When you decide to become a blogger, you must also want to learn other knowledge about blogging that supports your blog. One of them is SEO, ping, backlinks, and so on. You should also at least understand how to use other platforms on the internet that can support your blog.

7. Able to Design a Blog

This one is not a preparation to become a blogger that you have to master. Because now there are many free themes that you can use temporarily for your blog. Or if you have enough money, you can buy any theme you want. But even so, you still need to have a little skill to design a blog. The goal is if something happens to your blog, you do not worry and can solve the problem yourself.

8. Know About Business and Marketing

The next preparation to become a blogger is that you must have the business skills and how to market the goods you have. Although this is just a blog, you also have a job to market it. Because the smarter you are to market it, then you will also get good traffic to your blog and affect the nominal money you get. So, you also need to have the mindset of a businessman so that your blog can grow well. It's not just about writing!

9. Must Always Be Creative and Innovative

Preparing to be the next blogger is a taste to always be creative and innovative. Creative means you have great creativity, and innovative means you are always trying to find new things and discover new things. Those two things will be able to make you have writing that has the quality and distinctive or authentic. In addition, you have a new way to promote the blog you have. The point is, innovation and creativity are not only in the content but also in the management of your blog.

10. Have a Good Community Network

Simply put, preparing to become a blogger also requires a good connection with many people. At least you have to have a good relationship with other bloggers. Especially with top bloggers. So keep all your good relationships when you want to be a blogger, okay? Because it may be a good effect on your blog.

11. Have the Ability to Communicate

As a blogger, the next preparation to become a blogger is to have good communication skills. You should at least understand English as this can help you expand your content to a wider area. If you know, when your blog is visited by people from other countries, you can earn more money.

That was at least 11 of the many preparations to become a blogger. In essence, you have to focus on yourself so that when a problem occurs on the road, you stick to the plan. How? Interested in becoming a blogger? Or just follow along? Ask yourself and decide what is best

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