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Best Google SEO Tools to Increase Website Ranking

Want to improve the quality of your website as a marketing tool? You can use and learn some of the best Google Seo Tools below.

Do you want to improve the quality of your website? You can use and learn some of the best Google SEO Tools below. The following will discuss Google SEO Tools that you can use to increase the ranking of your website in search engines.

What is Google SEO Tools?

Maybe some of us or maybe you are still confused about what exactly is Google SEO Tools? What does it do to create a website or ad that you create?

Google as one of the most popular search engines in the world, has released a lot of SEO Tools that you can use.

This function of Google SEO Tools is useful for Webmasters which will help improve your website. So with these Google SEO Tools, you can optimize your search on search engines like Google, so that searches for the web or your articles can be in the first position on search engines. Well, here are some of the best Google SEO Tools you can use.

Google Keyword Tool

The first Google SEO Tool is the Google Keyword Tool. keywords themselves have the meaning of certain words or phrases that are short and describe the main topic of your content.

A proper keyword can not only help readers to understand your article statement easily but can also entice crawlers to crawl your post more effectively.

So with this Google Keyword Tool, you can decide what title is most appropriate for your article or website content, and of course, you should try to make the content interesting. How you just need to type the words that are related to your post.

This way, the Google Keyword Tool can bring up lists of similar keywords that many people have searched for many times, along with monthly search statistics, competition level, and ad value.

Google Advanced Image Search

Then there is Google Advanced Image Search. The image component becomes one of the most important materials for any post, so it is very important to be able to add a large variety of web content and also make visitors feel comfortable when visiting your web. This tool can be said to make it easy for you to find your favorite images.

You can also search by adding some related words, and you can narrow your selection by deciding on the size, color, aspect ratio, format, and more. And of course, this tool can help you speed up the search for images. In addition, all this does not require any cost.

Google Analytics

The next Google SEO tool is Google Analytics because this tool is a website tracking tool that allows webmasters to track site traffic.

So with this, the website owner can see how many visitors have viewed your site each day, by looking at the activity of visitors to your site, and how they got to the website. In addition to detailed visitor information, webmasters can also know the loading speed of the page itself, and the conversion rate of the page.

Google Webmaster Tools

As the name suggests, Google Webmaster Tools is an online service offered by Google to webmasters. This tool helps you as a user to check the indexing status, as well as optimize your site for better SEO, as well as manage crawl rates, detect broken links, manage preferred domains, and more.

That way, users can find out if your site is healthy and friendly to Google, and can also improve your site according to diagnostic results.

Google Trends

Google Trends is also very important for you as a webmaster, it is to know about things that are trending on the internet, so you can write articles about topics that are hotly sought to attract the attention of readers.

So to achieve this goal more easily, Google Trends is very helpful for you. This is an online facility that can show how often a particular term is searched in various regions in various languages ​​around the world.

That way, users can get clear graphs that come in handy, on both horizontal and vertical axes, which show the start time and find the frequency of each item.

Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer is another site optimization tool that is also friendly for you Google users, this tool helps webmasters in testing website content more easily.

So, you can easily improve page views as well as improve your reading experience. And the tool also leverages the power of several advanced technologies that test all existing elements like HTML code for web pages, fonts, titles, images, and make calls.

Google Ad Planner

The next Google SEO Tool is the Google Ad Planner, which is one of the most commonly used ways for webmasters to make a profit online. So how to use this method effectively to get the maximum profit? So Google Ad Planner itself can handle this annoyance.

That way, users can find the best ad placement on their website, as well as decide on the best budget range, you can also choose ads with the right keywords, and calculate bids more easily.

Google Insights for Search

Google Insights is also part of Google SEO Tools, which offers Google services that look similar to Google Trends. This tool provides users with insight into search trends on the Google search engine.

This tool offers a visual representation on the map of various countries, this allows webmasters to know the interests of the region easily. In addition, users can narrow their selection simply by selecting a category.

Google Adwords Traffic Estimator

This Google AdWords Traffic Estimator can help webmasters estimate the value and specific keywords for their ads. That way, users can find out about keyword competition, the total number of searches per month, and also the recommended bid.

And if the results aren't satisfactory, users can still choose from several alternatives by clicking on a group of keywords.


SEOQuake is an analytical SEO Tool for SEO in Google Chrome, not only in Google Chrome Tool but also has Add Ons in Firefox to help webmasters optimize and promote your site for even better SEO.

In this SEO tool will appear web page ranking, Alexa, and many other SEO parameters. There is also a check and comparison of nofollow link highlights and text density. So that users can get a variety of information about the site from various aspects so that they can improve your site to a more correct path.

Check My Links

Check My Links is one of the other functional tools to improve the SEO of content. This tool is also an extension for the Google Chrome browser. Where quality content can be judged by Google also from external or internal links contained in a post.

This one tool can also help to ensure that all links that have been included in the content are still active. Links that are still active will usually be green, and links that are inactive and no longer functioning will be red.

Ranking Coach

The next Google SEO Tool is Ranking Coach where by using this Ranking Coach, then you can increase the ranking of your blog on Google and at the same time make it an online marketing tool. In addition, this tool will tell you what you need to do in the form of a simple task on the dashboard. And without taking much time, you will see that your website ranking will gradually increase as long as you consistently optimize your website.

This Coach Ranking can also help you to analyze and monitor your website to stay on top. This Ranking Coach interface and tutorial can be easily used and is available in English and Indonesian.

Also, there are over 1,200 videos and complete analysis tools available. If you are an online businessman then Ranking Coach can make your online business better in search results.

Well, here are some Google SEO Tools that we recommend for you to use. However, in addition to using SEO Tools to increase rankings in search. You also need to determine the precise ways to increase search rankings in search engines. Here are some tips you can do to increase your website's ranking on Google.

How to Increase Website Rankings on Google

Usually, many online entrepreneurs only focus on keywords for their SEO strategy. If you just do the same thing then you do not necessarily get satisfactory results, and for that, you need to look for other significant factors that can affect your ranking in search engine results.

Usually, the search results algorithm is not only affected by the keyword. But many other factors also affect the ranking of your website in search results.

Some of them such as how long visitors spend on the website, number of views, broken links, bounce rate, quality of inbound and outbound links, and many more. So you need ways and tips to increase the ranking of your website on Google.

Optimize Mobile Version Website

These tips are among the most crucial for you to remember so with Google implementing a mobile index first, then the first thing you have to do is do a Mobile-Friendly Test. You are advised to pay great attention to the Mobile-Friendly Website, the purpose is to avoid a decrease in the ranking of your website in search results on smartphones.

Where your job is to make it easier for visitors to visit your website on a smartphone, without interrupting their other activities.

Fix the Broken Link

For these tips, you should keep in mind that both external and internal links affect the ranking of a website in search engine results. Because usually, website owners like to ignore the broken links. It can greatly affect the experience of visitors when visiting your website.

Perform SEO Audit

And the lack of information about the information structure and also the website can frustrate even the best SEO strategy. Google's algorithms generally dislike websites that have complex navigation. So you are strongly encouraged to make navigation as easy as possible for your visitors.

To get started, you can learn the basics of SEO. Once you understand the basics of SEO, then you will have a better insight and better understand what needs to be improved.

Fix Loading Time

The next step is an ongoing process. We recommend that you always monitor the speed of your website, both on your desktop and mobile. Because some things that can be done to increase the loading speed of your website are as follows.

Image File Size

Before you upload an image, you can use tools such as TinyPNG, which is useful for reducing the size of the image, without reducing the resolution of the image quality.


Before uploading JS and CSS files to your website, then your job is to double-check whether you already really need them? Because these files can even slow down the loading of the website. And if possible, then simply merge several scripts into one file.

Cache Browser

When a browser displays a website page, the browser will also load several files. And the cache files will be stored locally on the visitor's computer.

That way, when other visitors move to a new page, the cache files don't need to be loaded anymore. Because most websites enable browser cache by adding htaccess file code to the hosting or server.

Create an Appropriate Text Anchor

Although it sounds quite trivial, this anchor text is big enough to have a significant effect on SEO. Because having the appropriate anchor text is crucial in building links. Because when your anchor text matches the link that is intended, then search engines will get a positive signal about your website.

For example, the anchor text of LeBron James Sneaker Store, in containing a link to the website address So your anchor text and the website address will have a high level of relevance so it is very good for SEO.

In other words, Google wants to constantly update its algorithms and how to rank a website. So some of the above strategies have been proven effective and you can also apply them continuously to get the best results.

Because basically, it is these search engine algorithms that can determine whether your website is eligible for recommendation on the first page of Google search results or not.

Here are the ways and tips that you can apply to your online business, especially for those of you who are just starting an online business and website. Learn SEO because in this era it is very important to implement something planned for the continuity and progress of your official website.

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