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How to Learn Laptop Quickly and Easily

The following laptop learning methods will help you easily understand how to use a mac laptop. This type of laptop is quite difficult to use, maybe this information can help.

Although many people still use the Windows platform for their computer operating system, now more and more people are moving from Windows to Mac. If you are among those who are moving from Windows to Mac and are still a bit confused to operate it, then the following will explain how to learn a Mac laptop that is easy to understand especially for beginners.

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: Getting to Know the Buttons

Before discussing how to learn a Mac laptop, you should first know what the most basic differences are between Windows and Mac.

  • One of the most visible differences between Windows and Mac is the number of applications that Windows has more than Mac, in which case it can be evidenced from the game applications that are still pretty much made only for the Windows platform. In addition, Windows applications such as Microsoft Office have more features than the Mac version.
  • Computers that use Windows software are usually easier to modify, such as the addition of RAM so that it will make the computer perform better and smoother, especially when used to play games that require large RAM capacity, replacement of graphics cards with the latest version, and so on. While Mac, can not compete with Windows when it comes to games, even if it can then Mac users have to spend money first, which of course is not a small amount.
  • Although not very competitive in the gaming sector, but one of the advantages of Mac laptops is more secure when compared to computers that use Windows software. Safe here means, Mac laptops are not too vulnerable to malware viruses, on the contrary Windows includes having a fragile security and defense system when attacked by viruses or malware. Therefore, of course, you often hear that the Windows operating system is often a victim of the actions of ignorance and crime of hackers so that every Windows computer/laptop to be more secure then the user will inevitably have to install antivirus. However, that doesn't mean the Mac is completely free of malware because there is also malware that is deliberately created to attack Mac's security system defenses,
  • Judging from the appearance, of course, a very striking difference is the appearance of the user interface between Windows and Mac. However, if you've tried using a Mac, you shouldn't notice the difference anymore, because the way Mac and Windows work is similar.

Therefore, to make it easier to learn Mac laptops, you should also know the Mac laptop buttons, as will be explained below.

If you have been using a Windows-based computer for a long time then when you first use a Mac it will usually be a little confusing, because the various habits that are done when operating the Windows operating system can not be applied on a Mac laptop.

Right Click

The habit that Windows users often do is to right-click, because as we know, that either the mouse or the trackpad on a Windows-based computer/laptop is always provided a button that is used to display additional menus, by right-clicking.

But on a Mac laptop, you won't be able to find the right-click button, because right-clicking on a Mac laptop is simpler because to display additional menus on the screen, you don't need to right-click, just double-click the trackpad so that the right-click function can walk.

So, on a computer/laptop click 1 time to left-click, and click 2 times to right-click, or you can also press the Control button + click 1 time to do a right-click.

Menu Bar

On Windows, a menu bar is available in every open window, but on a Mac, there is only one type of menu bar that is then shared among all applications.

So, later the menu bar that appears will correspond to the type of application used by the Mac laptop user.

Red "X" Icon

As you know, in Windows the red "X" mark that is located in the upper right corner of the application window that is open has the function of closing the program.

Meanwhile, the Mac laptop has an "X" icon, but its function is a bit different because the function of the icon on a Mac laptop is to close the application window only, not the program.

This will make the program or application will still run in the background (background). So, for the program/application to be completely closed you must stop it by going to the menu bar and then click the name of the program you want to close and select "Quit" which is located at the bottom.

If the method is too complicated, then you can directly right-click on the program icon in the dock and select "Quit". Meanwhile, there is also a faster way by pressing the key on the keyboard "Command + Q".

Keyboard Shortcut

How to learn a Mac laptop further involves the habits of Windows users that will even confuse if applied to a Mac laptop.

As is known, in the Windows operating system, there is a "Control" key on the keyboard, this "Control" key is often combined with various letter keys, such as "Control + C" which serves to copy or copy text.

Well, on a Mac laptop there is also a "Control" button but a bit different in shape, on a Mac laptop it is not "Control" but "Command" so the shortcut command on a Mac laptop works to copy/copy the text is "Command + C".

Not only the Control key but on a Mac laptop there is also a shortcut combination "Alt + Tab" only the command is a little different that is "Command + Tab". So it can be concluded, that the "Command" key on the Mac laptop has a very important meaning.

Cut and Paste

Did you know that on the Mac computer/laptop it does not recognize the cut and paste function? So, if you want to move a file from one finder to another, you have to do it by "drag and drop".

The point is, when you want to move a file, we recommend that you immediately open 2 finders at once, side by side so that it will be easier in running "drag and drop" the file to be moved. However, if you feel that this method is not very efficient then you can add the "cut" facility that can be obtained from third-party applications.

Enter key

On Windows-based computers/laptops, the enter key will let you open the application by default. However, on Mac laptops, the enter key works to rename the file, so to open the file you have to go to the finder and then double-click the file to open, or you can do it by pressing the key combination "Command+O".

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: Feature Name

There are at least 14 feature names available in Windows but they differ from the feature names that appear on the Mac laptop screen, including:

  • On Windows, there is File Explorer, while on Mac it is called Finder
  • On Windows, there is a Control Panel, while on Mac it is called System Preferences
  • On Windows, there are Programs, while on the Mac it is called Applications
  • On Windows, there is a Taskbar, while on Mac it is called a Dock
  • On Windows, there is a Start Menu, while on Mac it is called Launchpad
  • On Windows, there is a System Tray, while on Mac it is called Menulets
  • On Windows, there is a Recycle Bin, while on Mac it is called Trash
  • On Windows, there is a Task Manager, while on a Mac it is called Activity Monitor
  • On Windows, there is an Action Center, while on Mac it is called the Notification Center
  • On Windows, there is Media Center, while on Mac it is called iTunes
  • On Windows, there is Internet Explorer, while on the Mac it is called Safari
  • Windows Search is available on Windows, while on Mac it is called Spotlight
  • On Windows, there is OneDrive, while on Mac it is called iCloud
  • On Windows, there is a Windows Store, while on Mac it is called the App Store.
  • Window magnification icon, In contrast to Windows, there is a clear icon to magnify the window, but on Mac laptops, there is a green icon whose function is to change the window so that the size of the window on the screen is optimal.

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: turning on a Laptop

Of course, how to learn a Mac laptop for beginners should also start with how to turn on a Mac laptop. Actually, how do I turn on the Mac laptop?

The method is quite simple, you just need to press the key located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

On some Mac laptops, these are separate from the keyboard and some are merged on the keyboard. After you press the power button, you need to make sure that you have pressed it for a while before the Mac laptop turns on. When the Mac laptop turns on, then you will hear a typical Apple sound.

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: Using a Laptop

How to learn a Mac laptop is of course related to how to use a Mac laptop in a good and correct way. Of course, everyone will have their style when using a Mac laptop, especially when they will be running applications.

Generally, Mac laptop users who will launch an application or just search for a file will usually prefer to use Spotlight, Then once you find the desired application or file, you just click on it so that the application or file you want will open.

Also, the easiest way to find the app you want on a Mac laptop is to sign in to Spotlight and type in the name of the app you want to open.

Then, if you want to learn to use a Mac laptop, you should also need to learn how to run the finder which is where the files are stored. To run the finder you can press "Command + Shift + A" this way is easier and more practical.

Then, what should I do if you experience an application crash or do not respond on a Mac laptop? To solve this problem, then you just click on the button "X" located on the title bar.

Or you can also apply the method by selecting the application that crashed in the menu bar and then you just select "Quit", in addition, you can also apply the command combination "Command + Q".

Then if you want to install the application into your Mac laptop, you can move it to the Applications folder mentioned earlier.

However, this method is not like the installation process that occurs when you install applications into Windows. Usually, some native apps are quite moved but some applications need to use the installer.

Conversely, if you want to uninstall, then the method will be simpler because you only need to delete the application that you want to uninstall from the application folder. It's just that, such a way will of course leave several configurations associated with the application that you have removed or uninstalled.

Well, to completely remove both the application as well as the configuration or support of the deleted application then you need to use a supporting application, for example, such as AppCleaner.

To be clearer, then below is a brief guide on how to learn a Mac laptop, by mastering the 3 steps of using a Mac laptop, as follows.

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: Mastering the Menu Bar

This first step you need to understand carefully because if you already understand the menu bar, then of course it will be easier to operate a Mac laptop. This part of the menu bar will be simplified if you select Spotlight to find the app you want to open. Spotlight can also make it easier for you to find files located in the Finder.

In addition, you can also press the "⌘ + Spacebar", a combination of the command will allow you to find the search bar and dock bar, a part of the Mac laptop that can indicate that there are still active applications running in the background in the Mac laptop.

The last part of how to master this menu bar is that you have to learn the icons that appear on the menu bar, which are icons that can be used to make application settings on the menu bar.

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: Setting up a Trackpad

The next step is to set up the trackpad. The point is, for Mac laptop users, then of course you will need to be more adept in using the Macbook trackpad (called a Mac laptop).

At first, of course, you will feel awkward when you first operate the Macbook but the trackpad navigation on the Macbook can be adjusted so that you can use it more comfortably. How to set up a Macbook trackpad is to follow the following way:

Start by selecting System Preferences > Trackpad > point and click; If then you want to set tracking speed and navigation click > Scroll and zoom on the screen by using the trackpad > More Gestures.

In the "More Gestures" section you will find various information that you can use if you open the page or open too many applications.

How to Learn a Mac Laptop: Installing Applications

To do the third step in how to learn this Mac laptop, you only need to have an Apple ID to be able to log in to the Apple Store, and then you just follow the next command if you want to install the application that you want.

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