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How to Quickly Learn Computer at Home

How to quickly learn self-taught computers. Study this method seriously so you can do it fast. Try now!

The quick way to learn a computer that we will discuss in this article has simple steps that are very easy to apply at home, even without professionals or private tutors. Although everyone has different methods and absorption, but one goal is to be able to operate a computer proficiently.

Indeed, in this digital age it is very important to be able to use a computer. This is because all human activities have shifted into one component called a computer. In addition, in the computer you can get a lot of benefits, such as simplifying your work, easier information retrieval, easier communication, can make money, and many more benefits of learning computers.

Good computer skills can also help you who are studying at any level, because school and college assignments now use more computers. Especially for those of you who want to work in an agency or company, the qualification that is most often required is to be able to master a computer or laptop well.

Well, of the many benefits of using a computer, it certainly makes you more interested in mastering the computer and the system that is in it.

To be able to operate the computer well, we have some quick way to learn computer at home. But all the methods we teach and many other tutorials will mean nothing without direct practice.

You can learn the methods we teach self -taught while practicing directly in front of the computer. If you study it seriously, then you will quickly be able to. To learn computers there is no need to wait for the right time but try it now!

Some Quick Ways to Learn Computer While Direct Practice

We have some guides on how to quickly learn computer self -taught without the guidance of experts or private teachers and without the basic education in the field of IT, which of course our way does not require much cost and time.

You just need to study it in earnest so you can get by quickly. Here's the description.

Set intentions and goals

As the saying goes and wise words, all efforts depend on the intention. Similarly, in learning computers, we also need to be determined to be able to master the computer well and quickly. Encouragement from within us will give positive suggestions in the learning that follows. If we have planted the intention of the heart, then now is the time to determine the goal. In terms of this goal surely everyone has a difference.

Some are intended for a job, some are to facilitate school and college work and some are just for entertainment. Once you have a clear goal, it will make it easier for you to achieve success and you can use it as a reference to determine the next step.

When goals and intentions can go hand in hand well, then learning will be much easier. Although in the method we teach does not mean without difficulties, because there is no effort that does not require effort and struggle, but with the right intentions and goals then we can overcome all the obstacles easily.

Use a personal computer

As explained before, all the methods that you run without direct practice will make all your efforts in vain, because learning the method just by always learning theory after theory all the time will be difficult to get into our brains. That way, you need to have your own computer at home. So you can learn the method from us while practicing it directly.

In addition, the use of computers more often or studying while tapping the computer every day is also a quick way to learn a computer that is quite powerful and accelerates the absorption of knowledge. Especially for beginners who really need continuous repeated learning.

For that, you are advised to use your own computer. No need to worry about costs, as some computers are sold at prices that vary according to your budget . Moreover, today there are notebooks that have the same uses as computers and are priced at a cheaper price.

Once you have a personal computer the next thing you need to do is understand each of the Shortcut keys or shortcuts that are often used on the computer.

This is to simplify and speed up your work without having to click a mouse. This shortcut is usually done by combining several keyboard keys, following an explanation.

  • CTRL + C keys: to copy text, files, images, etc.
  • CTRL + V keys: to copy text, files, images, etc.
  • CTRL + X key: to cut or cut a specific section by selecting and pressing CTRL + X.
  • CTRL + Z key: to cancel all recent processes.
  • CTRL + S keys: to save text, files, images, etc.
  • CTRL + A key: to block all text, images, files, etc.
  • CTRL + D keys: to select character spacing.
  • CTRL + Y key: to repeat from the beginning.
  • Shift + Delete key: to delete permanently.

Buy books on computers at the store

The next quick way to learn computers is to buy books about computers in stores, because reading is the window to the world. By reading we can get a variety of useful sciences, one of which is the science of how to operate the computer that you are studying.

From the book you can learn many things about the operation of the computer and can be opened and read at any time. So learning computer mastery by self-taught book is quite important, because books about computers become one of the important sources of material.

In the guidebook there are certainly many terms that are quite foreign to your ears, so you need to study the term and know what it means, as follows.


It is hardware that consists of several important components or parts that make up a computer consisting of, RAM, VGA, sound card, microprocessor, motherboard, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Until now, technicians continue to develop hardware to have the best specifications


Is software in the form of applications or programs that can be used in a Mac, Windows and Linux operating system. This software plays a very important role and is often referred to as the 'life' of a computer.

That way, as expensive and as high-quality as any hardware component, there is nothing without software. Here are some examples of widely used software such as, MS Word, MS Excel, AVG antivirus, Winamp, Media Player, CoreLDraw, PhotoShop, Chrome, Firex, etc.


It is one of the rare terms in computers that refers to your own use or that of you as a system operator. If a computer has software and hardware, it certainly also needs someone to operate the computer.

From these three important components, a great work will be created if used intelligently in the field of audio, video, images, programs, files, and many more.

You also need to know what are the following computer components.

  • Monitor: or a screen that has the function of displaying visuals, images that have been processed by a computer. For computers and monitors usually have different brands so you have to be able to distinguish them.
  • Processor: has the function to command a computer to run a process or can be called the brain of a computer. Without a computer processor can not perform its function.
  • Hard disk: is a place to store large amounts of data in a computer. Usually data is stored in MB or GB units. Currently the smallest hard drive is 160 GB.
  • RAM (Random Access Memory): has a function as a temporary data storage in the computer. Usually the data that enters the computer will be stored in RAM after which it will be processed by the processor.
  • VGA: serves to visually display computer data to the screen. Or more accurately called a graphics card, but many people are more familiar with the term VGA.
  • Motherboard: is a board that has a function as the main component to accommodate the previous components.
  • Power Supply: has the function of supplying electricity to a computer that has the shape of a box that has many interconnected cables in it.
  • Casing: This casing is box-shaped and large in size which is a place for the computer itself.

Find endless sources of knowledge

To facilitate computer mastery you can collect as much material as possible from various sources. Aside from computer manuals, you can look for additional resources from elsewhere to enrich your reference.

The source you need can come from anywhere without any restrictions as long as it is still related to the appropriate material. Currently, there are many media that teach various computer tricks. This trick not only deals with basic methods but also deals with computers with fairly difficult codes.

Learn from friends

If you have a friend who is good at operating a computer, it's a good idea to learn from him. You can take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn to operate a computer. Learning from friends is usually more fun and enjoyable because you already have a bond of comfort. In addition to utilizing the knowledge of friends usually also do not need to pay course fees. What if that friend is a close friend of yours.

Lessons will be easier and more relaxed. It can be done while playing, while chatting, but you can still get some useful tricks. Studying with friends will usually be even more fun when you treat them to a meal or just a coffee together, while wondering things if you don't already understand. This method is the coolest and most exciting way and can get maximum results.

The right learning method

Once you have fulfilled all the basic steps of computer learning above it is now time to learn the right method. With the right learning method is expected to obtain optimal results, because the quick way to learn computer this time is a practical science. After getting knowledge or material from an unlimited variety of sources then now is the time for you to practice it in front of a computer screen.

In mastering the computer to learn this you do not need to be afraid of mistakes, because the mistakes you make will not make your computer break or explode. If you go too far you can press the cross mark at the top which will take you to the main screen. So, practice while reading the material is a fairly effective method for learning computers.


To achieve a success in all things other than requires effort and hard work by following some proper methods, also requires consistency. The same goes for self-taught computer learning. Almost 80% of success factors are determined by how serious and consistent you are in learning.

You must have the strength to learn continuously even if only a little. There is also no need to do a binding scheduling with more portions that will actually make you feel burdened.

Self -taught learning cannot be done with a heavy burden in our minds, but it must be with a sense of joy in learning. You are the one who can set the way to achieve consistency and continue to maintain it to survive to always be consistent.

Computer Operating System

Windows XP

Windows XP is a very popular operating system that came out around 2001-2002. This system is the choice of many computer users because it is light and easy to use. User specifications are more to the internet cafe visitors

Windows 7

Windows 7 is the successor to Windows Vista which has undergone many improvements and was released in 2009. Since its inception many users have switched to Windows 7 and began to leave the old operating system due to its outdated system.

Windows 8

This system has a look that is quite different from windows 7. This system is highly optimized for touch screen computers. This version removes the Start Menu or bottom menu that existed in the previous version.

Windows 10

This system is the latest and updated system that was released in 2015. This system is very much in demand by computer users because this system has a lot of improvements from previous versions. In addition, its use is also very practical and modern. Windows 10 also restores the Start Menu that was lost in Windows 8.

That's a bit of a review on how to quickly learn a computer at home in a practical self -taught way. Although without the guidance of experts and without having to have an education in the field of IT, but when you study it seriously, you can do it quickly. Have fun and good luck.

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