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Laptop Keyboard Suddenly Not Working? Don't Panic, Here's How To Fix It


Laptop Keyboard Suddenly Not Working? Don't Panic, Here's How To Fix It

One of the problems that are often encountered and quite troublesome for laptop users is when suddenly the laptop keyboard does not work. This will greatly hinder work and will certainly make laptop users annoyed. Because the keyboard is one of the most important parts that are very often used so it is also prone to glitches or errors.

Based on an article from the PC Mag page, the cause of the laptop keyboard not working is because of hardware and software. Well, if you experience this, that is, suddenly your keyboard does not work, do not panic or immediately take it to the service place, also do not immediately think of buying a new laptop. Try doing some of the following.

Problems With Software or Hardware?

The first thing you need to make sure of when your laptop keyboard doesn't work suddenly is whether the damage is caused by your laptop's hardware and software. If you do not make sure of this first, then your efforts to fix it will be in vain.

To check if the problem is with your laptop's program or keyboard, go to the BIOS menu by turning off your laptop and then turn it back on and immediately press the "delete" or "ESC" key repeatedly.

If you can't get into the BIOS, then the problem lies with your keyboard. But on the other hand, if you can get into the BIOS and can navigate using your keyboard keys then it is certain that your keyboard is not a problem or fine. That is, there is damage to the Windows program.

You can also check if the problem on the laptop keyboard does not work suddenly due to hardware or software by restarting your laptop. This method is indeed considered to be able to solve almost everything by many people. After restarting your keyboard check whether it is correct or not. If not, go into safe mode and check if the keyboard is working or the keyboard is not working. If possible, then there is damage to the software. If not, then there is damage to your hardware or keyboard.

Are Drivers Installed Perfectly?

Often laptop keyboards do not work or there is damage to the keyboard just because the driver is outdated, corrupt, or somehow just because it is not compatible. To make sure the driver has a problem or not, do:

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Select Control Panel
  • Then Select Hardware and Sound
  • Then click Device Manager
  • Next, click the arrow to the left of the Keyboard
  • If an exclamation mark comes out in yellow, it means your driver is having trouble
  • To fix the driver, right-click on the keyboard driver
  • Select Update Driver Software

If so, restart your laptop and check your keyboard if it's working properly or if it's not working.

Try Using a Different Keyboard

This way you can also do to find out the location of damage to the hardware or software when the laptop keyboard does not work. You can view a tutorial on removing your keyboard on YouTube by typing in the keyword "remove keyboard + [your laptop type]." Then release your laptop keyboard and the other laptop you are going to test.

If it still does not work then the problem is with the software and vice versa. Also, try installing your laptop keyboard on another laptop to see how it works. If it doesn't work then the problem is with your keyboard hardware.

If up to this stage the damage is indeed on your keyboard, then the solution is to buy a new keyboard. The price is not too expensive because there are a lot of counterfeit items. But if you want the original, you have to wait for delivery from the center and pay a much more expensive price.

Some Things You Should Note

Regularly Clean Your Keyboard

One of the reasons why the laptop keyboard does not work suddenly is that your keyboard is dirty. Keyboards with a dirty condition will usually be partially dysfunctional, there are some or part of the keys that do not work. Here are some features of the laptop keyboard that do not work:

  • Some buttons do not work
  • Some buttons are pressed slightly but keep appearing as you open the worksheet
  • When you turn on the laptop, a beep sounds that did not appear before
  • Laptops need help to be able to start or boot Windows by pressing the enter key
  • Although the desired letter has been pressed does not appear
  • The letter that came out did not match the key you pressed.

If your laptop is experiencing any of the above, then you need to clean your laptop for it to work again. Here are the steps to clean it:

  • Note and identify the keys that do not work
  • Look for tutorials on YouTube to learn how to release keyboard keys
  • Carefully remove the malfunctioning Keyboard Keys
  • Try pressing the socket whose button you have removed
  • If it works, then there is no problem with your socket
  • Next, spray the hairdryer on the socket so that the dirt disappears while cleaning the liquid
  • If so, reinstall the button you removed
  • Check if the keyboard works normally

Check Keyboard Layout

You may have accidentally changed your keyboard layout or someone may have bothered you by changing the keyboard layout so that your keyboard when pressed produces inappropriate letters or marks or the laptop keyboard does not work as it should. Here's how to verify and replace your keyboard layout:

  • Enter the Start Menu
  • Type "Language" to find the Region & Language setting
  • Click on the language you want to use, we suggest selecting English
  • Press the Options Button
  • Make sure "US QWERTY" is selected for Keyboard on the next page
  • Then delete other keyboard layouts that you don't use so as not to interfere

Next check if your keyboard is working normally or not.

Customize your Keyboard Settings

Sometimes some built-in features and programs prevent your keyboard from working normally. For example, pressing a button only once will be repeated when the "Repeat Delay" setting is too short. There is also the issue of the time lag between key presses and when characters appear. For that, you need to check the settings on the Filter Keys. To overcome this do the following:

  • Go to the Control Panel menu
  • Then click Ease of Access
  • Then look at the section on the Ease of Access Center located in the Control Panel
  • Then select Make the Keyboard Easier to Use
  • Then on the setup filter key, click uncheck all

Next, you can check if the keyboard is working properly or not. If you still find anomalies or oddities you can resolve them by disabling the Sticky Keys setting in the same menu.

Well, here are some steps you can take when the keyboard is not working properly. When you find a problem with the keyboard that does not work do not panic, because you can do some tips above to fix it while checking what is the problem, whether it is your keyboard or your laptop application that is problematic.

If your keyboard is the problem, you can replace it. Also, be sure to regularly clean your keyboard because a dirty keyboard is a major cause of keyboard damage. Thanks for following to the end, see you in the next article. Hope that helps!

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