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Test Your Internet Speed ​​At Home Quickly Using This Method!

Test Your Internet Speed ​​At Home Quickly Using This Method!

Almost the entire community in India is always online every day. There may still be a few percent for people who have not been able to be in that situation because the signal is still blocked. Chances are, they still live in very rural areas or are in remote areas. Such as areas that have not been widely reached by telecommunications for the installation of signal transmitter towers.

So why are so many people always online every day? Of course, the answer is because they want to get ease. The existence of the internet creates ease in communicating and also speed in obtaining information and data. Currently, the position of SMS services as a service to send messages has been replaced by online applications such as Whatsapp, LINE, Kakaotalk, and many more.

Of course, the price is cheaper when compared to using SMS services. Once you buy an internet quota, you can do a lot of things. Starting from sending messages, playing games, using social media, streaming videos and songs, or just looking for information and references in doing your homework or work.

The Phenomenon of Wi-Fi Usage is on the Rise

To enjoy internet service, there are many ways to do so. Starting from buying your internet quota, using the Wi-Fi facilities of the office or school, come to a place that provides free Wi-Fi and can also install your Wi-Fi at home. Not infrequently, if you go to a cafe, you will find some people carrying laptops and doing their work while enjoying their orders.

People who do this are diverse, ranging from students, college students, freelancers to employees, there are still those who go to the cafe to get the Wi-Fi facility.

But sometimes this is also not very comfortable. There are a few things that make working on the Wi-Fi in the cafe less comfortable. The first, because not all cafes operate 24 hours. Some of the Wi-Fi users of course have different times to do their work.

Second, it is not comfortable to just buy one or two items that are sold in the cafe when we use the Wi-Fi facility for hours. Sometimes in some places, the waiter immediately approaches the Wi-Fi user's desk to ask for the next order because it has been silent for too long and the first order has also been long overdue.

Third, because it uses public Wi-Fi, its security is also very vulnerable. There are some cases where the user's data is taken by the hacker over a public Wi-Fi network and some other factors that cause inconvenience when using public Wi-Fi. So there is nothing wrong with installing a Wi-Fi network at home, for the convenience of browsing, and better than just relying on the mobile internet quota for quite a lot of activities with the internet.

There are now many internet providers that offer facilities for the installation of Wi-Fi at home, to facilitate all mobility for your work and also make it easier for your child to learn and complete homework if you have a family.

Everything can be done at home without having to go to places that provide Wi-Fi facilities or fear of running out of internet quota when searching for information on the internet. But sometimes, internet speeds with Wi-Fi installed at home can suddenly slow down, not even used for a month. Of course, it feels quite annoying.

You can do an internet speed test at home to measure your internet speed. Is it slower than before? If so, of course, this can be reported and also find out what the cause is. Internet speed test is generally called speed test in IT environment. Speed ​​test itself is an activity performed to measure the speed of the connection and the performance of the internet that you use. In short, a speed test is a measure of internet speed for both internet speed on mobile phones or Wi-Fi.

How to Check Internet Speed

How to check internet speed can usually be seen from several factors, such as download speed, upload speed, and ping. Speed ​​test measures the download speed, that is, how fast the data can be pulled from the server to your device. Download speed is measured in megabits per second or what is often known as Mbps.

In addition, the speed test also measures upload speed which can measure how fast data can be sent to the server from your device. The unit for measuring upload speed is also the same, namely Mbps. There is also one called ping. Ping or sometimes also called latency is a reaction to how quickly you get a response after sending a request and the response is back to the device.

It's like testing the reaction of your connection. Ping is usually measured in milliseconds (ms) or milliseconds in India. The lower the ping value the better your connection.

But the speed test results do not always show the same number and are also absolute. Several things will affect the measurement of the internet connection by using the speed test application.


Your distance to the Wi-Fi modem or mobile phone that shares a Wi-Fi connection with you will affect the results. The farther you are from the internet network source, the less accurate the results will be.

Avoid Download or Upload Activities

When using the speed test, try to stop the upload or download activity to get maximum results. These two activities if still active will reduce the speed of the internet when doing the speed test.

Restart Device

It's a good idea before doing a speed test, you restart first for the modem or mobile phone whose speed will be measured. So that the condition is prime again and not burdened

Other Electronic Frequencies

The presence of other electronic frequencies around your modem or mobile phone can interfere with the accuracy of the results. Try to keep away from items that have electronic waves when doing a speed test.

Do not use a lot

Try when measuring speed with the speed test app, your Wi-Fi network or mobile phone is not shared or not used by anyone. The results will of course be different when not in use and when used by many people. The more people use a network, the slower the speed will be.

Check Cable Condition

For modem users, damage to the modem cable will affect network speed. It's a good idea, if your internet is slow, make sure your modem cable is in good condition. It is not uncommon for Wi-Fi networks to be very slow or suddenly do not work because the cable is disconnected due to a mouse bite.

This speed test can also be downloaded anywhere, not limited to mobile devices only. But it can also be used on PCs and laptops and can even be used on your browser extensions. You can also do a speed test on the Wi-Fi at your friend's house to find out if the internet connection from the provider is good or not.

This can certainly help be a consideration before you install Wi-Fi in your home. You can also of course ask your friends who visit your home with different mobile card providers to do a speed test. So you can know which provider has a fast and stable internet connection is used in your home or areas where you want to know the speed of the internet connection.

Well, so do a speed test that can be done periodically to monitor the quality of your network or just wants to know the quality of the connection from your internet network. The results of this speed test will give a rough idea of ​​how good the quality of your network connection is. Speed ​​test applications can be downloaded or directly test using a browser.

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